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17 Minerals

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17 Minerals. Experience the satisfaction of providing your beloved plants with precisely what they need to grow healthy.


17 Minerals, a new generation of plant food.

Unlock the full potential of your plants with our revolutionary fertilizer! The only product on the market that harnesses the power of all 17 essential minerals and nutrients your plants crave for enriching, vigorous growth and breathtaking blooming. And awe-inspiring blossoms.

17 Minerals Benefits:

  • High performance with minimal doses

  • Complete and balanced nutrition

  • Fortified with essential nutrients

  • Ensures optimal growth of the plant during the whole cycle

  • All-purpose

  • Provides every essential nutrient on demand

  • PH Neutral

  • Eco-friendly, no Carbon Footprint

  • Urca Free, no burn your plants

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